Timing is everything in the world of dating

In the movie, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory Veruca Salt is one of the over the top spoiled children who won the golden ticket. Veruca plays the character of a child that wants everything now, and nothing will stop her from making impossible demands until she gets what she wants.

Girls, how many times have we acted like Veruca wanting things now because that thing is what’s going to make us feel better, be better, and fit in better. We all suffer from the disease of now. Culture encourages us all to live our lives for the now, with no strings attached to the future. Think about how it is engrained in the fabric of our society, “If you want it, you can have it now.” You can shop online and turn on the 1- click feature, and they guarantee you next day delivery.

Nowadays it is instant gratification with almost everything! And the promises (or more accurately, LIES) that we believe that once we have that thing, we will be satisfied. But that is never the case. It’s just like the Oreo cookie…the lingering taste only compels us to want more.

When it comes to giving away your heart, you believe that getting a boyfriend might temporarily make you feel good, but long-term this will only bring break-ups and heartaches. If insecurity is what is pressing you for instant gratification, even though you might get what you want it’s just a matter of time before that same insecurity pops out again demanding to be covered up with a new antidote. The same goes for loneliness, a need for popularity, a need to be chosen, or whatever your motive to rush into a dating relationship.

Take a step back.  Don’t let the “I want it now” corrupt your long-term dreams. Every decision made even the quick one’s hitched to your future. Choices are like a link on a chain. And you’re a decision away from winning or losing.

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