The Demarests are moving to Dallas

You know how some songs seem to find you right in the middle of your season?! The song “Breakthrough” by Chris McClarney has been one of those for me. Every time it comes on my worship playlist, the words become my anthem anchoring me to trust in God.

“There must be more. Beyond familiar shores. Into waters unexplored. This one desire. Stirring here in me. Deep is calling out to deep.”

My whole life I’ve been that girl who’s begged God to never let me miss out on all the adventures He has dreamt up for me. He spoke them over me while I was still in my mother’s womb, and over the years I’ve heard deep calling out, challenging me to never settle for anything less than God’s will. Feeling that deep drawing me to get to the edge of the shore gives me the courage to climb up into the boat and sail away with Him. My purpose is to follow His lead. My mantra is leaving nothing to chance.

“Take me from where I’ve been. Into something new. I’m giving up control. I need a breakthrough. All of my dreams and fears. Are crashing into You. You’re waking up my hope. You are breakthrough. Come breakthrough”  

A few months ago, my husband began a new job and to feel the pull to Dallas, his new company, and headquarters, as we began to pray to see if it was the nudging of the Holy Spirit leading us there (I followed suit soon after). The fact that Aley’s company is based out of Dallas and he flies out of Dallas along with the many other opportunities we were recognizing what seemed to be confirmation that we were hearing from the Lord.  His company is in Louisville, but we’ll be living in the Southlake area.

If you would’ve asked me twenty years ago about moving to another state, I would’ve said, “Nope don’t foresee that coming in my future”. I’m that type of girl who loves to plan things out. I have a 5-year plan, even a 20-year plan for everything. You think I’ve given up control after walking with Jesus my whole life, but I’m still a work in progress!

“Your love, so wild. Conquers my defense. Opens the impossible. It’s so amazing. How You take the ashes. And turn them into beautiful.”

Yes, following His lead is amazing! My calling, purpose, destiny, and new endeavors are first found in Jesus. He doesn’t want me to pursue Him for a mountaintop experience, He wants me to pursue Him for a relationship. He wants me to choose giving up everything for Him and Him alone. Can I do it? Will I do it? A resounding yes.

“You’re making all things new. It’s what You always do. You are my breakthrough. You’re making all things new. You’re making all things new. It’s what You always do. You are my breakthrough!”

Our hearts are expectant and also heavy. We are leaving great family, friendships, and ministry that does not go unnoticed. It takes a community to live life to the fullest. We want to thank all the teachers over the years, parents, pastors, leaders, mentors, strong sisterhood whom I’ve come across over the last 22 years of doing life in the incredible state of Louisiana. Thank you for your support, your love, cheering us on through every season and your southern hospitality which has made me who I am. I will always be a “southern girl at heart”. As a family, we are leaving richly blessed—treasures for a lifetime.

As for our new future, personally, I don’t have a clue what lies ahead, some thoughts and dreams but nothing concrete. I cannot put a 5-year plan this time around but eager to set sail. I can only and must only fix my eyes on Jesus and I can see Him clearly in the horizon and that is my breakthrough.

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  1. I know we don’t see you guys much but I am both happy and sad in this moment. I wish you all the happiness in the world!! We probably have more chance of visiting out of state lol love ya’ll!!!

  2. Oh Elizabeth……how my heart resounds with the words you have written. I have been sensing a holy shaking in my own life. I don’t have a clear direction yet, but I am going again to Seattle where my daughter, son-in-law and grandkids are. This is an investigative visit to see what it would take to move there if God directs. My son-in-law Chris pastors a church there and he is willing to be a spiritual head for me as I seek the Lord.

    I know His voice and won’t follow any other. (John 15) I will be praying for you as you soar higher in Him. Please lift my name to Him as you pray for direction. I will be eternally grateful.

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