Put Up Posters

Lives have been saved because of the power of prayer. I’m sure you all have experienced that praying grandma who’s been insistent on getting Heaven’s attention on your behalf. Prayer has no expiration. It’s timeless and permanent before God.

Think about it this way: when someone goes missing, an emergency alert is posted immediately with the most recent picture profile of that MIA person, whom is so loved. This notifies the community and local authorities to be on the look out and to please pass on any information regarding that person’s whereabouts by calling the number on that poster.

The same goes for prayer–an urgent need, a crisis going on with a loved one, a friend, a co-worker, whatever it may be.  We need to be “agents on the alert team” by posting their image profile all around God’s throne room, notifying Him as the Commander of the Army, and all of Heaven’s angels that there is a crisis.

Be that person who places posters everywhere in Heaven’s throne room, getting Heaven’s attention. When you don’t know what to say or how to pray, put up posters and simply say “Dear Jesus, I’m posting posters right now of this person, please notice this crisis and help them.” That way, no matter where God looks he sees the image of those we care for as he’s continually confronted with the need.

Bombard Heaven with posters!

Timothy, my intention is to pray, pray, and pray for you until I have set a record straight about your activities and until I have stacked the throne room of God with your name! Anywhere God looks, I want Him to see a living memorial of you! I don’t want God to ever forget you; therefore, I am loading Heaven with statues, monuments, and memorials of you. My prayers for you will stand as an everlasting memorial before God. –2 Timothy 1:3

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