Kissing Toads: A Christian Girl’s Guide to Dating and Falling in Love




In today’s culture, we go about kissing like it’s no big deal. It’s a throw-away, almost a race to get it checked off our list so we can move from ‘the never been kissed’ crowd to the more experienced ‘definitely been kissed’ girls.”
When did casual dating get so twisted, pressuring you to date for the world’s record? Is it true one must kiss several guys to meet THE one? How do I know he’s THE one if I don’t date?
In Kissing Toads, Elizabeth Demarest shares her personal story as she finds herself pinned up against the back of shed with a boy in the middle of the Amazon, and it’s far from the fairytale moment she had always imagined. She’s kissing a slimy toad that did not turn into a prince!
Due to peer-pressure and coming of age, she is forced to put aside her childhood whimsical dreams and step into the real world, where girl meets boy.
Packed with undeniable transparency, Kissing Toads will challenge and inspire you to believe you are worth waiting for, and to foster an unforged courage to pursue purity. You will note practical tools and prayers to help you set boundaries to guard your heart, body, and soul, on your quest for finding love as a young girl coming of age.