Amazon Girl: Dare to Dream




The exciting, poignant memoir of a daughter of the Amazon Rainforest: the story of how a simple list of God-breathed dreams sustained a missionary child through abuse, anxiety, and coming of age in vastly different cultures—until she found her own tribe in the unlikeliest of places.

At sixteen, Elizabeth Demarest left her home, her family, and her country to face down her biggest fears, triumph where she had felt only humiliation, and find the tribe that had always eluded her. As Elizabeth bravely reveals her soul scars and the stories behind them, she shares that life isn’t always easy, fair, or safe—no matter who you are or where you live. Although she often felt carried along by events beyond her control, she discovered that nothing was beyond God’s control—not even the deepest, most private hurt of her life. Through it all, her dreams never died, because they were God’s plan for her all along. Told with unblinking transparency, Amazon Girl: Dare to Dreamvividly portrays a childhood paradise lost, a childlike faith uncovered, and a courage forged in heartache.