What’s Under Your Rug?

Have you heard of the phrase, “swept under the rug?”   You know, the idea of hiding something, like we hide dust under a rug, so it won’t be seen, known or in some cases felt. Maybe you grew up in a family where secrets were kept from family members? Maybe secrets were kept from you? Were these secrets really hidden …

Why Pray?

I was asked a while ago why I like to pray so much. Well, prayer is the medium by which the super can mix with our natural to speed things up and to achieve the seemingly impossible. Apostle Paul told the church to pray so that the word of the Lord may run swiftly (2 Thess 3:1). See, prayer is …

You’ll Never Be Ready

There is an old saying that most of us are very familiar with: READY. SET. GO! Have you heard it before? Countless times, I’m sure. Here’s the truth though, we will never be ready for anything. In the Kingdom of God things are different. You’ll never be ready. You’ll never be set. Sometimes you just need to go for it. …

The Struggle is Real

Most days I wake up so excited, ready to face my world and make the most of every moment. Then there are other days I wake up worried, anxious and nervous about embracing what is in front of me.

No Big Deal

“Its no big deal,” they say. “You’ll be fine.” “Everyone else is doing it.” Have you ever heard those phrases? Maybe you’ve heard them more than once, but I’m specifically talking about hearing them as they pertain to sex and purity. Maybe you’re like me and have fallen for those taglines sold straight from the enemy’s mouth.   Maybe you’ve convinced …

No One Is a Throw Away

And I got stopped in my tracks and heard that small still voice say “even the offender is not a throw away, no one is a throw away to God.”

A Chicken With a Bag of Groceries

Have you ever seen a chicken so worried about feeding her baby chicks that she’s walking with a bag of groceries under her arms as she’s making her way back into her coop?

Church at Home

Have you ever stopped to think about who you are today and how it relates to who raised you? More specifically, have you ever stopped to think about the ideals you have and how strong your faith is and where that come from? I can’t help but to think about the life of Timothy in the Bible. His mother Eunice …

The Only Way to Get Up On Your Feet Is to Come Down

If you are struggling in your relationship with God and you can’t seem to get up on your feet don’t be discouraged. God has a solution to help you get back up. His desire is that all of his children would run and not grow weary, that we all will walk and not be faint. It says in the book …

We Aren’t Meant to Hang By a Thread

Grab the promised hope with both hands and never let go. It’s an unbreakable lifeline. Don’t hang. Stand on HIS firm foundation!